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What happens at night on a Bushcraft Camp?
On a Bushcraft camp the students will sleep in single sex tent groups, in our large safari-style bell tents. Two members of our staff will always be on duty throughout the night and will be located at a central point on the camp with a lantern for visibility. They will also help with the bedtime and morning routine. All our bell tents are custom made, with a canvas inner and a waterproof cover, so students will stay warm and dry. Spare blankets will be available if the weather turns cold. School teachers will sleep in allocated Teacher Tents, within viewing distance of the students.
What are the sanitation facilities like on a Bushcraft Camp?
Our camping toilets are the most hygienic and environmentally friendly toilet facilities to be used in a remote environment. Students will be given instructions on how to use the toilet at the start of the camp. There will be plenty of water and sanitizer gel accessible so that students can clean their hands at any time. A female member of staff will brief all girls on sanitation and be on hand to deal with any issues. All necessary facilities will be available, including showers in an emergency. On our five-day camps there will be hot showers available to all students.
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