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Booking and Reservation Process 

Once a booking is made, schools can swiftly confirm details online and provide an electronic signature. Within 24 hours, the initial invoice is sent. Upon payment the lead teacher is granted access to the Teacher Portal. Our responsive Customer Service team is readily available for any queries.

Teachers can conveniently raise questions through the Teacher Portal for efficient assistance – simplifying the process to enhance the overall experience for schools and ensuring a seamless journey from booking to accessing essential trip resources:

  • Personal log in for the lead teacher
  • Trip dates and times
  • Student numbers
  • Location information
  • Invoices
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Trip information 

We provide a comprehensive array of essential information tailored for your convenience, encompassing crucial details. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have easy access to all the necessary details, empowering you to make informed decisions and ensuring a safe and well-prepared experience.

  • Itinerary
  • Kit list
  • Menu and carb count
  • Allergen menu
  • Risk management policy
  • Adverse weather policy
  • And other pertinent health and safety policies
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Parental Communication

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We deliver virtual talks designed exclusively for students and parents. Hosted via Teams meetings, these sessions feature an engaging presentation and video that blend excitement with information. Attendees are encouraged to pose any questions they may have, fostering a collaborative and informative environment. Whether we lead the entire session or co-host to incorporate school-specific details, these talks prove invaluable in generating enthusiasm, setting expectations, and boosting sign-ups. We offer these sessions regularly, emphasizing early planning to allow parents and students to make well-informed decisions.

Additionally, a comprehensive launch pack is available for download via the Teacher Portal, providing FAQs, captivating pictures, sample itineraries, and other essential information as a convenient printout for teachers and parents. This pack can be easily downloaded as a PDF or shared through a link for easy access.

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Contact information

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Customer Service business hours are between 8am and 4pm on working days.

Phone number: 0333 2000 612

Email address:

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All your questions answered!

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