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Teacher feedback

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We’re delighted to be able to share some wonderful feedback from teachers who visited with their groups this year.

Boughton Woods

“All staff went above and beyond to make our experience the best it could be. Very patient and enthusiastic and so positive. The energy was consistent, which the students responded well to. Attentive, great with students.” Year 8 group

“We have had an amazing stay! The staff looked after us all and were full of energy throughout the residential. The children experienced a range of exciting and new activities which they enjoyed and learnt a lot from.” Year 5 and 6 group

“It was an amazing experience, every need was catered for and everyone felt extremely satisfied with their experience. I would not hesitate to recommend the experience to others and can not more highly commend the leaders of each and every session.” Year 6 group

Castle Howard

“Fantastic opportunity for kids to forget their phones and get back to nature, Good old fashioned children playing together learning new skills.” Year 7 group

“Highly recommend The Buchscraft Company for a year 6 residential trip. The quality of food was brilliant. The staff are excellent and will help with any questions. A super experience for children.” Year 6 group

“The tribe leaders inspired the children, made them laugh and built respectful, quality relationships which enabled the children to feel confident exploring the environment. This is 100% value for money.” Year 6 group

Penshurst Place

“Disconnected from phones, connected with nature. New friendships made by both staff and students!” Year 7 group

“Bushcraft was an excellent experience for both teachers and pupils. Staff outstanding – they are caring, kind, enthusiastic and experienced. All activities were well thought out, all children felt fully immersed in nature.” Year 8 group

“A fantastic trip. The amazing staff on camp gave the children a brilliant experience, full of fun and new adventures.” Year 6 group

Blenheim Woods

“The team were very welcoming from the start. Keeping kids engaged, even when it’s pouring down and very challenging, but Kyle and team delivered!” Year 7 group

“Our staff and students were fully immersed in the Bushcraft adventure, led by an enthusiastic team! Students learnt valuable life skills and worked as tribes to bond with each other in well planned activities.” Year 7 group

“The Bushcraft Company’s team of camp leaders and site managers worked so hard and seamlessly to create one of the best outdoor experience I’ve ever been a part of.” Year 7 group

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