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Meet a Tribe Leader

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“I just love being a Bushcraft Leader!”

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There is nothing better than watching children run wild and connect with nature. Every day is so varied and exciting. It can start by singing a song while serving breakfast and lead on to creating a magical woodland shelter with sticks and mud. The role really lets your imagination run wild and allows you to see children grow and open up to new experiences. One of my favourite parts of the job is encouraging an initially shy and timid child transform to a mud covered woodland creature running through the woods, living the dream, by the end of their stay. The Bushcraft Company truly gives children an opportunity to learn in a different format from the traditional school curriculum. This supports children who might struggle elsewhere to really excel and realise their potential. It allows those high energy children a place to vent and be loud without feeling out of place. For me the woods has always been a somewhere I feel most comfortable and the ability to show that to the next generation is extremely fulfilling for me. I absolutely love this job and the opportunities it gives me every day.